A House Dress with Butterick 6727
April 24, 2024
by Melanie for Following The Thread

I’ve made myself a classic House Dress… it’s a faux wrap dress from Butterick 6727, in this Around Town – Townhouses cotton.

This print makes me think of  Bergen or St. John’s or Kyiv!

This was a pretty simple project but it took a bit of time thanks to the special details. I made View B, with piping trim and a below knee length. The dress is a faux wrap, with the crossover bodice and skirt both sewn shut together at the waistline seam and then tacked down by the buttons along the front. Which are also faux — they are stitched on through all layers at the very end, the closure is actually an invisible zip in the back.

The only slightly difficult part was attaching the waist seam. This was because you have to be careful that the two piping ends on the bodice and skirt line up properly so it’s a continuous line from neck to hem, and because there are a lot of layers there while you’re doing it. With the crossovers on the bodice and the skirt both basted down, along with their facings, you are essentially stitching through 6-8 layers of fabric at one point. So don’t choose a thick or heavy fabric for this one!

The only alteration I made was to shorten both the bodice and the skirt by 1″ each.  I cut a 14 at neck, 16 at bust, and 18 at waist to make easy size adjustments for my figure, which usually works quite well. But, I find there is a bit of extra height in the shoulder area, which I could have taken in a bit so I might add some 1/4″ shoulder pads to fill out that space later on. Otherwise, this was an easy sew, with a nice cotton that behaved beautifully and is comfortable to wear. I really like the piping detail and feel secure in this faux wrap, which I never do in an actual wrap dress!