Best summer sewing projects
Best Sewing Projects to Prepare for Your Summer Adventure
July 25, 2017
by Fabricville

Are you preparing to take a vacation in the next few weeks? There’s no better way to prepare for your trip than by producing some cool DIY sewing creations to accessorize your travel items. These projects aren’t too difficult but it’s important to carefully follow the instructions so you don’t screw up! With the help of Fabricville’s products, here are three inspirational sewing projects you can tackle to prepare for your holiday.


  • Luggage Tags

It can be really hard to differentiate your luggage at the airport, especially if you’ve got the same generic black suitcase as everyone else in the terminal. The best way to identify your baggage is to have a unique and personalized luggage tag, meaning you’ll be able to spot it immediately on the conveyor belt.


According to, you can download a sewing template directly from the site, which offers step-by-step directions. You typically have to print out the design shape on some plain paper and use it to trace the contour of the fabric. Just follow the simple steps in this video and your DIY luggage tag will be done in no time. We also recommend choosing fabrics that showcase some funky colours and patterns. Check out our vast collection of fabrics on our website.


  • Sunglass Pouches

When travelling around the globe, you cannot forget a pair of stylish sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses scratch easily though, and nothing’s more upsetting than accidentally scratching a pair of your favourite designer shades. So your next task should be to create a sunglass pouch while on vacation. These pouches are fairly easy to make and require just a bit of fabric and some patience. One of our favourite YouTubers – TheCraftyGemini suggests printing an 8×7 inch rectangle and using it as a template to cut the fabric. TheCraftyGemini also suggests using a bright and bold colour scheme, so you don’t misplace the pouch. Check out the full video tutorial here:


  • iPad Case

Your most important travel tool is no doubt an iPad. You can make travel arrangements while on the go, video chat with a friend, or take cool photos of your foreign adventure. Just like a pair of sunglasses, an iPad can also scratch fairly easily, especially if you don’t have a trusty screen protector. So you should knit or sew an iPad case to avoid an unfortunate accident. Luckily there’s a ton of YouTube tutorials to help you create a unique and stunning case. We suggest checking out Debbie Shore, a famous YouTuber who specializes in sewing and knitwear. Check out her video here on how to make an iPad case with pockets:


We hope you’ll enjoy your summer vacation and remember to pick up some materials at Fabricville for your next sewing creation. So remember before you leave for your holiday, craft these cool DIY items and let your creativity flow through your fingertips.