Children's Yellow Summer Dress Burda 9437
Burda 9437: A Quick Summer Dress
August 10, 2016
by Ula for Lulu & Celeste

There’s still plenty of sunshine outside so why not make another cute summer dress!

I sewed Version A of Burda 9437 with the shoulder ties from Version B/C using fabric from the Baby Talk collection. I think they go perfectly together and it’s a very summery dress.

yellow dress01

Little Miss V’s measurements fell between the size 2 and 3 so I decided to go with the size 3 to get more wear out of it. Worse comes to worse she has a crazy growth spurt and she wears the dress as a tunic next summer.

Burda 9437 has 4 views: View A is the knee-length dress; View B is tunic length; View C is maxi-length and View D are pants! All these versions make for a great transitional pattern that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth from. She can wear the dress over a shirt with leggings once the weather gets cooler. Or sew a tunic length version to pair with the pants.

yellow dress02

The ties are a little long on her so next time I will shorten them slightly. I tied them behind her shoulder so they would bother her less.

I haven’t sewn too many button plackets and so I had a little difficulty with the one on this dress. My placket kept wanting to flip outwards! I’ll study up on plackets before I sew up the next version so that I can figure out how to get them looking nicer.

yellow dress03

I love the pockets! They’re so nice and big. Plenty of space for her to stuff full of all her treasures (rocks mainly).

She really liked the dress. I had no problems getting her to wear it for photos which is usually not the case.

Thanks for stopping by!