Dark Magician Girl Costume
April 11, 2019
by Jean Charbonneau

Hello everyone. This is my very first time blogging here so please bear with me.

First a quick background. Although I’ve been dressing up on Halloween over the years, I’ve only been a serious Cosplayer (Costume Player) for about three years. My first major project was a complete Iron Man suit made from foam. Since then, I’ve built many costumes such as Thor, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Robin, Batgirl, (just to name a few) and, the costume that will be the subject of this blog today, Dark Magician Girl from the Anime TV series, Yu-Gi-Oh.

With all my previous costumes, if sewing was required, I always went to my friendly neighborhood seamstress. But not this time (sort of). For the first time, except for one piece, I decided to start sewing myself. So, let’s get started.


I attempted to sew stretch fabric using some scraps I had lying around but failed miserably so I asked for help. The pattern I used was a free Tamara Swimsuit pattern I found online. The fabric used was the Heavy Actionwear in the Turquoise (Z513). A pair of half leg socks were done as well to hide the bare skin between the boot and the knee pad. Clear straps were added for more support as there is a lot of stuff on top of that.


Moving on to the skirt and cape. This is the part I did myself. I must admit that, for my very first time, they turned out pretty good. I started off with a simple round skirt pattern that I made myself even though the skirt only goes about ¾ of the way around on the costume. I simply added some pleats to get that effect. I did the same thing for the cape, only this time, I only used half the circle. The fabric I used for this was the Supreme Cotton Solid in a light pink (QC510)



There are some extra details to the costume, more specifically a small arrow in the front and 2 flaps. One in front and one in the back. These were very simple to do since there wasn’t any sewing involved. I just made my own patterns, cut out a frame using large sheets of pink craft foam (that way there are no seams) and glued the parts I cut out of the same fabric used for the bodysuit. These came out far better than I expected.


The rest of the costume was made using 6mm foam and craft foam. To be specific, the boots, knee pads, bracers, shoulders, belt and the hat. The head and the pummel of the scepter were 3D printed. The handle is made from a wooden dowel I had lying around. All the gems were 3D printed as well. And finally, I used Worbla for the necklace.

So here she is, my beautiful teenage daughter in full costume. She’s all set for Comicon.

Thank you everyone. Hope you enjoyed my first post.

PS if you would like to see my video detailing how I built the full costume, here’s the link.