Fabricville Newsletter – Winter 2018
January 29, 2018
by Fabricville

Let us introduce you to our newsletter editor, Chantal Lapointe. She started collaborating with us in 2015 and we thought that it was a natural fit to bring her on board for this new project.

Let us introduce you to our newsletter editor, Chantal Lapointe. She started collaborating with us in 2015 and we thought that it was a natural fit to bring her on board for this new project. Chantal has been sewing since age nine and has always wanted to become a fashion designer or a fashion magazine editor. She’s a bilingual technical writer, and in her free time, she likes to share her love of sewing on her blog. In 2017, she was shortlisted in the ready-to-wear category in the Best Dressmaker of the Year Award in the United Kingdom. Her sewing has also been featured in Sew Now magazine in the U.K.



Would you dare to wear a silky pyjama to go out at a fancy party? It seems that this fashion trend was on every runway this year. For the rest of us who prefer to keep our pyjamas for bedtime, this comfortable style is a timeless classic.



I love wearing pyjamas. In fact, I have a couple of summer ones in crisp cotton, and a few in flannel for winter.

Choosing which flannel to use proved to be a fun challenge. There are over 300 different options online and too many to choose from in the store. I opted for a classic print in a fun color, lavender polka dots on a purple background.

For the top, I used the Butterick B6296 pattern and, for the bottom, McCall’s M6659.

Flannel pyjamas are intended to be worn loose, so I liked not having to spend hours fitting the pattern before cutting. Overall, it was an easy make from a technical standpoint. If you want to add a little oomph to your PJ, think about inserting piping. It takes a bit of extra work but it’s well worth it!

Useful tips

  • Since cotton flannel will shrink, I recommend that you machine wash and dry your fabric on a normal setting.
  • Cotton flannel is a medium-weight fabric and requires a size 11 (75) or 14 (90) universal needle.
  • A cotton-polyester or polyester all-purpose thread is recommended.


By now, Eastern Canada is covered with a thick blanket of snow. This winter, wrap yourself in a warm and cozy flannel pyjama. You will find below a few of our favourite patterns, along with fabric suggestions for everyone in your family.





Every month, we will highlight a few of the products that we think you’ll love as much as we do!

The new Eloflex thread by Coats & Clark is stretchable and it works wonders for knits, jersey and stretch fabrics. You can use it as any regular thread, for regular sewing, in the bobbin, to topstitch and even with your serger. You can also use it with a twin needle for professional finish on jersey tops, activewear dresses and stretch denim.
For optimal results, just make sure to use the appropriate needle for your fabric, and sew with a regular stitch.
To topstitch my jersey top, I slightly lengthened my stitch to 4 mm.
Sewing with this thread makes all of your seams stretchable. That means that the seams can be stretched and the thread won’t break.
The thread comes in spools of 205 metres and is available in many different colors.


Have you ever wished for extra little hands to help you when sewing?

 If so, I recommend that you try Clover Wonder Clips. These small clips are great for holding bias tape over curved edges and holding a delicate fabric hem without using pins. These nifty little clips feature a wide opening to hold layers of fabric
and a flat back for easy feeding to the presser foot. The flat base even has a 1/4″ and 1/2″ seam allowance markings for your convenience.

The Chaco Liner has become my favorite tracing tool. I love it so much that I have it in two colors! It’s so easy to use. You simply remove the cap and roll away. There is a small tracing wheel at the tip of the liner, and as you roll it, it leaves a fine talc line. To remove the lines from your fabric, simply rub lightly with your fingers, and they are gone. The Chaco Liner Pen comes in 5 high-contrast colors such as white, yellow, blue, pink and silver. For your convenience, refill cartridges are also available.



By Chantal Lapointe for Fabricville   © 2018 All rights reserved.



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  1. Catherine Deblois says:

    I live in Truro and our Fabricville store is closing tomorrow. Any news on a new site for our favourite store?

    1. Hi Shelagh, I used two patterns because I prefered the top of the Butterick, it had no bust darts. I used the McCall’s pyjama pants pattern because I like the slimmer fit. Sewing your own pyjama means that you get exactly what you want!

    2. Sorry Catherine about the previous comment…I replied to you about another post!

    3. Fabricville Customer Service says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Thank you for your comment. This was no easy business decision, and we know how it has affected everyone. We are presently looking for a location. When this becomes available, we will definitely let our customers know. Thank You!!

  2. Shelagh says:


    Can you tell me why you used two separate patterns to make the women’s PJs as seen in the Fabricville Newsletter? One pattern, Butterick, for the top and one, McCalls, for the bottom. The pattern used for the top did include a pattern for a bottom so I don’t understand why 2 patterns were necessary.
    Much thanks,

    1. Hi Shelagh, I used two patterns because I preferred the Butterick top and the McCall’s pants. The Butterick top has no darts, and the McCall’s pants have a slimmer leg.

  3. Catherine Kaden says:

    Très le fun votre info-lettre. C’est sûr que je vais m’acheter le chaco liner.

  4. Irène Brouillette says:

    J’ai lu avec attention cette infolettre. Vous m’avez fait connaître un produit que je n’aurais pas acheté car je n’en connaissais pas l’existence. Merci et à bientôt !

  5. Cecilia says:

    Merci pour l’Infolettre! C’est ma première et j’ai adoré!

    Merci également pour les explications sur les articles: grâce à vous je vais aller chercher les pinces et les stylos marqueurs.

  6. Gisèle Church says:

    Pourquoi ne viendreriez vous pas ouvrir un magasin Fabricville à Repentigny? Nous sommes plusieurs dans la région Lanaudière à coudre et n’avons pas de magasin à grande surface pour un choix judicieux.
    Sears a fermé ses portes. Grand espace pour vous.
    Merci beaucoup.

    1. Fabricville Customer Service says:

      Bonjour Gisèle,
      Merci de nous faire part de cette suggestion, nous en prenons note. Lorsque nous aurons choisi un nouvel emplacement, nous vous tiendrons au courant. Merci !

  7. Brigitte Chauvette says:

    Il y a longtemps que je cherchais un traceur qui n’abime pas les tissus. J’ai hâte de’essayer ce nouveau marqueur

  8. Arlene Boudreau says:

    Why are my newsletters coming in French?

  9. Marianna Maiorino says:

    Great idea.
    Looking forward to the next newsletter.

  10. serge pare says:

    prix des produits en question…..en canadien

    1. Bonjour, vous pouvez essayer le patron McCall’s 6992.

    2. Désolée de mon erreur, j’ai répondu à un autre commentaire! Les prix des produits mentionnés dans l’infolettre sont affichés sur le site de Fabricville.com

  11. Céline Sylvain says:

    Bravo! C’est très cool de nous tenir informé des nouveautés et trucs conseils!! Serait-il possible de nous dire si il y a un patron pour le gilet rayé vert et blanc?

    1. Vous pouvez utiliser le patron McCall’s 6992 pour un modèle similaire à celui que j’ai utilisé pour le chandail rayé vert et blanc.

  12. Suzanne Lussier says:

    Des trucs super que je ne connaissent pas je vais m’en procure. Merci pour ces nouvelles outils

  13. Manon says:

    Wow ! J’ai adoré votre 1ere infolettre,les trucs,petits outils pour faciliter notre vie….super. Moi je me suis fait 2 pyjama très semblable au tien et utiliser le passepoils,le patron est de Closet case pattern, le Carolyn pyjama. Depuis 3ans à l’automne je vais avec une amie a une retraite intensive en couture le temps d’un weekend et plusieurs personne avait fait ce patron,mais tous avec des tissus different,c’était très interressant de voir qu’avec un même patron tant de possibilité ! Merci et hâte de lire la prochaine infolettre!

  14. Alma says:

    Where can I order Chaco liners.

  15. Darlene Duggan says:

    This is wonderful! What a great idea to have a newsletter. Thank you!

  16. Sheryl Tait says:

    Great little blog. Certainly look forward to more.

  17. Mary Lynn Bartram says:

    enjoyed and look forward to the next issue

  18. Jennifer Speedy says:

    This is a great idea – helps to inspire!

  19. Susan LeBlanc says:

    Loving the heads up on the new and coming…exciting a

  20. Nicholette Gislason says:

    This is great! I love hearing about new sewing products like that thread, and you just read my mind on the pyjamas, (I can’t believe how much they charge in stores!) Thank you!

  21. Darras Anny says:

    Un peu plus bas il y a des inscriptions uniquement en anglais. Pitié ne commencez pas ça……merci.

  22. Chantal says:

    Bravo pour cette infolettre! Chantal tu es une belle découverte! J’aimerais bien lire tes blogues. Où puis-je les trouver? Merci

    1. Bonjour et merci pour votre commentaire. Vous pourrez bien sûr me lire dans la prochaine infolettre de Fabricville qui paraîtra en mars. Sinon, je blogue sur mon site personnel http://www.chantalbijoux.wordpress.com.

  23. Frances Cartwright says:

    I’m very impressed with your first issue! It contained some useful information. I look forward to the next issue.

  24. Merci pour cette nouvelle initiative l fait plaisir de voir des passionnées de couture nous faire part de leur découvertes!

  25. Diane Mollins says:

    Great reading this newsletter. I have just bought flannel for sleep pants. I sew items to take to craft sales. Diane’s Pretty Things. Keep the newsletter coming.

  26. monique Lachance says:

    votre infolettre est très intéressante. Elle nous fait découvrir des produits nouveaux qui nous seront très utiles. Je vous encourage à continuer à nous informer Merci

  27. Kathy Ramsay says:

    Bonjour! Pour ma part, j’ai confectionné un kimono (base de haut de pyjamas), en satin de polyester à motifs de fleurs, blanc, rouge et noir, que j’assorti avec un skinny de satin rouge. J’aimerais bien vous partager la photo!

  28. Jacinthe Arsenault says:

    Vraiment intéressant…
    J’en veux encore…

  29. Rita Grenier says:

    Bonjour, je m’appelle Rita Grenier , j’ai bien aimé cette infolettre, merci,
    Au mois d’avril j’ai fait une robe de
    Mariée, pour moi j’avais acheté le tissu chez vous et maintenant je veux la vendre.

  30. Danielle P says:

    Très intéressant votre rubrique produits incontournables.

  31. Shelley says:

    Thank you,I have not been sewing for awhile and now I’m getting the desire to start again. I love hearing about new items that can make sewing easier and fun. Hope you continue with the newsletters.

  32. Fanny B. says:

    Super votre infolettre! Merci!

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    What a great idea – I really appreciate the product reviews. I’d love to see some pieces on historical sewing too!

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    J’adore le format de cette nouvelle info-lettre! Riche en contenu !
    Super 🙂

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    Thanks Fabricville!

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    C’est vraiment géniale comme infolettre ! J’ai hâte d’essayer les nouveaux marqueurs traceurs et les pinces. Et j’ai bien envie de ssauter sur ma machine a coudre pour me faire uun pyjama après avoir lu votre article.Je n’aurais jamais osé mélanger deux patrons mais je trouve que c’est vraiment une excellente idée. Merci pour cette nouveauté c’est vraiment une belle idée bravo!

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