Florals for Spring! | McCall’s 7119 Wrap-Dress
May 9, 2017
by Judith Dee for Judith Dee's World

I decided that this Spring and Summer were going to be all about dress this year! When I saw the lovely fabric for the Spring collection of Fabricville, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun creating dresses this year!

Pattern and Fabric

My most recent make is this beautiful floral dress (Very trendy this year) I made using McCall’s 7119 pattern and the Bubbly Crepe coordinate. I chose the same fabric for my underlining in blue. This fabric has so much drape and is so soft on the skin!

Pattern adjustments

I traced and cut a size 8 for the bodice and skirt. Then, I increased the waist to 28.5 inches using the pivot and slide method. These are the only modifications I made.

Fabric manipulation

I pre-washed and dried my fabric. I have to say that I did not notice any change of dimension in this fabric. Also, the quality was the same before and after wash. I always cut my fabric using a rotary cutter and washers (as pattern weights). This way, my fabric does not really have a chance to move around while cutting.


I decided  to underline the dress instead of lining it. The fabric is so thin that I did not have to deal with bulky seam allowances. I even used the mocked French seam method to enclose all my seam allowances. I underlined the bodice and the skirt only.To do so, I basted my fabric and underlining together before assembling to other pieces. The fabric was easy to sew with my regular machine pressure foot. All hems were done using the narrow hem technique. I omitted the elastic casing on the sleeves hem to get a wide and flowy sleeve look.

Overall Impression

This dress is extremely comfortable to wear. I cannot wait to wear it for a Sunday Brunch or and walk in Montreal Old’s Port this summer! It is my first real wrap dress. I’m a little annoyed by some of my skin trying to peek a boo at the right side opening. Other than that, I have no complains! The length is perfect!

I hope this post helped you get more inspiration for your spring sewing!

Talk to you soon!

Judith Dee for Judith Dee’s World