Jalie’s Maxime 3-Season Jacket
March 10, 2022
by Yvette Chilcott

SPRING, come on in!  I’m ready with Jalie’s Maxime!  Windproof, cozy fleece lining, a hood and clever 2-way pockets, I’ll celebrate your arrival, Spring!

Yvette in Jalie's Maxime

(We’re having ANOTHER snow day as I write.)

The Fabrics:

I chose Nylon Schuss for the outer layer, in Royal Blue and White.

The cozy lining is Canadiana anti-pill fleece print in white with royal blue maple leaves.

I’d never sewn with this Nylon Schuss before, and I learned a few things:

  1. It doesn’t like a hot iron. It didn’t melt, but got kind of puckery.  I learned that lesson the hard way, so the puckery pocket flaps are facing the inside.
  2. The white is rather transparent as a single layer. That lesson was learned partway through the construction, so a bit of stitch-ripping was in order. The royal maple leaves in the fleece lining showed through the white like grey blobs.  I ended up double layering all the white parts.
  3. My fine pins, although they didn’t leave holes, bent. So, I used clips. A lot. And basted. A lot.
  4. Nylon Schuss is very slippery. Again, clips and basting.
  5. Nylon Schuss is a very stable fabric. It has no stretch or forgiveness. Teaming it up with a stretch fleece was a challenge. (But the end result was worth it.)
  6. When you sew a garment in 2 colours, and there’s a lot of top-stitching, you re-thread your sewing machine a lot.  I did use my serger for some of the sewing, but found that the nylon didn’t fray too easily, and with it being lined, the seams were all enclosed.

The Pattern:

Jalie’s Maxime 4012  Three-season jacket with clever 2-in-1 pockets. Encased elastic at hem and cuffs keeps the breeze out. The zipper has a full-length shield that doubles as a chin guard. Your fabric choice will make it a light windbreaker or a toasty fall jacket.

UPC Code: 6004012  Brand Name: Jalie Patterns

Front cover of Jalie's Maxime, a 3-season jacket pattern

Maxime, not just for Girls

There are 28 sizes included for girls and women, BUT I made one for the hubby last year and it looks great on him.  He’s 6 ft 3 and wears an XL. So don’t feel limited with this pattern!

The Hood:

Jalie designed an add-on hood pattern for this jacket, which I already had, and it’s a cozy addition.


The zipper shield looks harder than it is, and is a great feature.  It also prevents the top of the zipper from rubbing on my chin.

My nylon zipper was a bit too long so I used a pair of “side cutters” to clip off the top-stopper and extra teeth.  The zipper top ends are securely folded and stitched into the collar so there’s no worry about the slider coming off.


The Pockets:

Each of the front pockets are double layered.  The outer pocket is open at the top, under a protective flap, good for “stuff”.


  The under pocket is open at the side and is perfect for my hands.

I sized-up by 2 sizes and my jacket fits nicely over a tee-shirt.   If you plan to wear something thicker under your jacket, I suggest you up-size even more.

Attaching the Lining to the Sleeve Cuff:

It’s a bit tricky to put into words and pictures so I made a short video showing how I did it, and put it up on YouTube.

Disclaimer:  In exchange for writing this post I chose to work with this pattern and these fabrics.  Fabricville supplied the fabric  and Jalie provided the pattern, all at no charge to me.  

A bit about me:

My name is Yvette Chilcott.   I started a successful sewing machine dealership in the 1980’s, where classes were the backbone of my business. In 2014 I sold it, and now teach freelance in person (when I can) and on Zoom, (a lot). I live in Trenton Ontario and I LOVE to sew and share my passion on my blog: www.sewwhatyvette.com.

ps No sooner did I have my jacket off me, turned to take my camera off the tripod, and the inspector was at work.  My darling Valkyrie has approved this project.

Valkyrie has approved Jalie's Maxime