Jumping Into Fall
October 6, 2016
by Margo B.


Happy Fall everyone! I love the heat of the summer and the sundresses that go with it but come Fall, I am ready for cozy sweaters, blue jeans, boots, capes and blanket scarves. The thing is…. it’s still too warm for those layers yet so I turn to gorgeous colors like this one to dress for the season. For now I will wear it like this but as the temperature drops, I’ll add boots, a cropped jacket and a scarf. Gotta go with the flow here in Eastern Canada…one minute you are freezing your tush off, the next, you are sweating like a pig!  Isn’t that a pretty picture?…you’re welcome.

creating in the gap

Okay, lets talk about the jumpsuit. Betcha thought it was a dress at first glance, huh? Nope. It’s Vogue 9075, view B, the jumpsuit. I made it using Fabricville’s Antonia Stretch Twill Suiting. It is a polyester/rayon spandex blend. This stuff washes and wears well and has the perfect amount of stretch. Then there is the “swishy” factor…it’s a real thing…at least in my mind it is….it has beautiful drape and fluidity. Stretch and a soft hand…perfect for both fitted and non fitted garments.

creating in the gap

I don’t have any tips for sewing up this fabric like I did with my linen coat. That’s because it has the stability of a woven and the comfort of a knit….it sewed up beautifully for me. I used a lovely Burgundy Bemberg to line the bodice and I don’t find that it inhibits the comfort factor at all.

creating in the gap

There you have it….my first make of the season and I’m off to a good start. So, what are you sewing and wearing this fall? Any new trends you want to try or are you padding your wardrobe with new basics? Do tell!



* Margo is a fabric addict and pattern hoarder extraordinaire, and justifies it all on her blog, Creating In The Gap. 


5 thoughts on “Jumping Into Fall”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Gorgeous! Burgundy, deep green and orange always make me think of fall…this burgundy is definitely screaming fall to me. Lovely!

  2. Gillian Whitcombe says:

    SO ADORABLE! I feel sure I’ve looked at this fabric and thought “Lovely, but what do I make?” You found the perfect pattern to match with it!

  3. Faye Lewis says:

    Pretty, love the fall color.

  4. Wow! You look as if you came straight out of a magazine. You picked the perfect fabric for this Vogue jumpsuit.

  5. Beautiful! As always — great fabric/pattern match. I am also a sucker for the “swishy” factor 🙂

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