Sporty chic with tencel denim pants
May 9, 2017
by Chantal Lapointe


The sporty chic look is still very present in fashion magazine. I am sure that it’s due to the fact that it is so easy to wear and very comfortable.

There are many different jogging pants pattern available at Burda, Butterick, McCall’s and Vogue. The one that grabbed my attention is Vogue V8909. Since I have made it several times in the past few years, I can attest that it’s an easy make. You can cut, sew and wear these pants in one afternoon.

For this version, I chose the tencel denim from Fabricville’s Spring collection. With 5 denim shades in stock online, you have a lot of choices!

Since this fabric frays easily, it requires a bit more care to ensure an impeccable finish. First, I washed and dried the fabric on a delicate cycle. Then, I ironed the fabric on a low setting. I pinned both the selvage and the fold. Then, I pinned the pattern pieces onto the fabric instead of using pattern weights. Tencel tends to shift a bit while cutting. I held the fabric down with one hand while cutting with the other hand.

I recommend that you use fabric scraps to find the best stitch length for the fabric. I decided to set the stitch length to 2.6 with a universal size 11 needle. I double-stitched and serged all seams.

The only design modification I made to the pattern is the addition of the front patch pockets. You might recognize the patch pockets from my denim jumpsuit I made last year. Yes, I recycle pockets! It is the beauty of sewing your own clothes. You can add the design elements that you want onto your me-made clothes.

Overall, I highly recommend this easy-to-wear fabric for your summer creations. It does require some precautions while cutting and sewing but the end result is very rewarding!