Look book Fall 2022
October 1, 2022
by Fabricville

Hello Fall!

Throughout the year, more and more people have returned to the office which has made it essential to plan a work wardrobe. And yes, the time has finally come. But more importantly, we can entertain family and friends, much to everyone’s delight.

During the last fashion shows in Paris, New York and Milan and of course London, we noticed that the trends are aligning with rather chromatic, joyous and hopeful colours, inspired by purple and fiery red. No doubt that the low-rise pant will be the highlight of the season. Also coming our way will be the suit, lingerie, the aviator jacket, the oversized coat, the length of the mini, the jumpsuit as well as the sleeveless white top. The latter reached its peak by creating a clash of styles. Finally, hyperfeminity will also be embraced this season.

Creativity is in vogue and allows us to continue to dream and imagine while evoking a true return to our roots. There is a revival of the carefree years, all of the aesthetics of the 2000s, the momentum of the punk counterculture, all while returning to the elegance of the 1920s.

Prints will be in for the winter season. Animal patterns, such as leopard et zebra, will be trendy. They can be worn as an accent or from head to toe. Of course, you can mix and match several prints. Squares and stripes will be worn with pride, as well as flowers and dots. So, go ahead and be daring.

In this article, you will find several trends seen during fashion week that can be tailored to appeal to each seamstress.


Marianne, Fashion associate at our St-Bruno Fabricville store, made this beautiful coat based on the “Matrix”. Yes, it’s the return of this American saga with a complete leather look à la Neo and Trinity, fashion influenced by the growing popularity of leather. The corset, the low cut dress and  the trench coat will be at the forefront this season.

The leather knee-high boot, the blazer as well as the gloves will all be part of the mix. This long wool coat with a check pattern will be perfect for the everyday functional wardrobe. In addition, leather trims will complete this elegant and mysterious look.


This winter, squares are back. This trend, to say the least, was spotted on all of the runways. Small and large, squares offer something for everyone. The cape, a timeless fashion staple, is perfect for the cooler months. Not only is it easy to make, but it is also a favourite amongst women. This piece of your wardrobe goes perfectly with the above-the-knee and thigh-high boot. Worn with a legging or with a mini skirt, it creates an effortlessly sexy look. Also, the leather belt is the best accessory to wear with your clothes. It will revamp an old coat as well as a cape.


Courtney works for our website’s Customer Service. She made this 3-piece set and wears it proudly for you. The watchword for these outfits is openness. Gone are the classic outfits. Low-cut necklines are no longer enough. Showing off your ribs and more is now in… You can have fun with creative cut-outs. Let’s not forget about the ultra-low-waist pant, a return to the 2000s, as well as the tartan that is never too dark for the punk trend. This orange hue will allow you to overlook the rainy weather and gray skies this fall.


Ashley, a member of our Drapery team, is wearing this casual jacket. The blazer is enjoying a strong comeback, specially when it is designed in a structured manner and features shoulder pads for a squarer look. This ready-to-wear jacket can be worn at the office and then straight to happy hour. The feminine looks for this season are somewhat borrowed from men’s fashion, with the arrival of the feminine tie and oversized blazers. Be that as it may, men have also dared to wear a skirt. Will they dare the mini?



Designers are unanimous. This season, the influential colour is brown. Whether worn from head to toe or as an accent, this colour will be in your wardrobe. Brown, with all its variations, from chocolate to mahogany to auburn, is overshadowing the timeless black. This combination of fall colours can be paired with the beige colour palette. In addition, this colour provides a feeling of warmth and comfort. Another significant highlight this season, as mentioned earlier, is the belt to accentuate the waist. The jumpsuit is, without a shadow of a doubt, a must-have garment. The wide or fitted leg combi pant is definitely most comfortable. You can slip it on and just relax.


Eman, Office Manager at our Head Office, made this very feminine magnificent form-fitting dress. A classic this winter, the leopard or zebra prints are at the forefront. And, if you wish to take it one step further ladies and wear a cowhide pattern, you will be bold, but oh so fashionable. While real animal skin has been pushed off to the side, such as leather and fur, designers are far from done with animal prints. After all, we are talking about the king of jungle… of fashion. This 1980s trend is fierce and fabulous.


Well gentlemen, this style of fashion, inspired by the spirit of the times, is meant to be comforting. Envisioned and designed in the midst of the great recession, this type of understated fashion brings no burst of brightness nor bold colours. One can almost compare it to a very respectful accountant style. Ultra-comfortable pants and loosely knitted cardigans. The main attraction is no doubt the high turtleneck, stretchy and colourful. As for the wool coat, it is especially sombre with an emphasis on simplicity. All of these pieces are directly from the 1970s where the safari chic influence rules. From beiges to browns, sandy shades are mixed and matched with monochrome hues. Enjoy gentlemen!



Sabrina, Manager of our Greenfield Park Fabricville store, made this comfortable suit. The pant is made with stretchy Ponte de Roma fabric for maximum ease and comfort.

We witnessed a steady trend on the runways for the stylish business woman look. This fall, the uniform is now official! Monochromatic in all its glory or patterned, the fitted or oversized suit, coordinated with solid colour pants, will have a mighty punch. Also very trendy and a must-have for your wardrobe is the black and white houndstooth print.