Look Book Spring 2019
March 1, 2019
by Fabricville

We continue to hope that Spring will soon be here. To help make the time pass faster, we can start to think about the new fashion trends that will fill our closets this season. Spring will soon be in the air! Hurray!

As always, with every new season, we are inspired by the fashion trends presented at the Paris, New York, and Milan fashion week shows. It’s very simple: just follow some fashion guidelines from the experts and create your own style. The Spring and Summer fashion trends are looking very pretty and will be filled with vibrant colours. How do yellow “marigold”, emerald green, flamboyant red or shocking pink sound?  These sorbet and cotton candy tones will be worn from head to toe!

Sequins, sheers, bare shoulders and bold floral patterns have become a timeless part of our fashion world and should find a place in our wardrobe this season.

You can say that our summer is looking bold and bright!

Relaxed fluidity takes center stage. The bohemian trend is refined with a romantic touch flirting with the trend of the lingerie look. Celebrating the feminine silhouette is key this summer.  Plunging necklines, elegance and sensuality will all come together for a more romantic look deemed to be seen on the Italian Riviera.



These zesty colors will reach fluorescent heights with bright pink, green and yellow. It will be the perfect marriage of romantic/modern and the revival of the 80s.  The details will continue to be in the sleeves with lots of pleats, draping and fluidity.

Lemon Yellow is the pop art color of the season offering bright energy and lots of zest on the summer catwalks.

Designers will continue to celebrate the female curves.



Pops of color and color blocks are introduced into our wardrobe. You will find warm desert tones such as reddish burnt terracotta and orange.  Also featured are: Pops of bright colours such as tangy sherbet-like hues, smooth marshmallow pink and of course, the Pantone 2019 colour of the season: Living coral.

What’s important here is to have fun with mixing colors and patterns.






The mini dress will take on an 80s look. We’ve seen the plaids and the python, so what comes next? The dots; small ones to be precise, are back in the limelight as well as stripes inspired by the 70s style, and discrete floral patterns.







The summer wardrobe takes hold of the disco spirit with a flash back to the 80s. Silver and colourful sequins will be the go-to this summer whether it be on a dress, a skirt or just a casual jacket.  You will love the way glitter has returned to the stage with a brand new modern twist.











14 thoughts on “Look Book Spring 2019”

  1. Estelle Laramée says:

    merci beaucoup pour les belles et bonnes idées . j’adore ce genre de courriel , c’est vivant et chaleureux . quel beau travail , Bravo !

  2. France says:

    Bonjour je voudrais savoir le numero du patron de la robe qui a une longueur qui s’allonge d’un coté c l’avant dernier patron et le seul que le numero n’est pas écrit

    1. Fabricville says:

      Bonjour France: Voici le numéro de patron de la belle robe: McCalls 6465

  3. Louise Lacroix says:

    On dit ”récents articles” et non récentes…

    Je rêve d’un service ou on découperait notre tissu et qu’il nous resterait à le coudre et ou on nous donnerait aussi un service d’ajustement…pour les couturières et couturiers du dimanche! à un prix raisonnable!

  4. Danielle Boutet says:

    Je suis desolee mais aucun de ces looks ne me convient. Je suis de taille forte mais assez classique quelque fois plus originale ou flyee. Merci pour ce look printemps.

  5. Thank you for this exciting and inspirational post. I love this so much. Please continue with these offerings. Wonderful & makes me want to get sewing right away !
    I love being a Fabricville member.


  6. Gaea says:

    this is a nice idea.. motivates me to get at that spring sewing right away. Love the suggestions on colours and fabrics.

  7. Guylaine says:

    Belle initiative, vous devriez en faire plus souvent de ces courriels inspirants ! Ça donne de belles idées pour sortir de notre zone de confort!

  8. Catherine says:

    This is a fantastic inspiration post on International Womens Day! , It is great how you feature diverse women of all ages, shapes, sizes!

  9. Rita Grenier says:

    C’est fantastique, j’aime les idées de mode,
    j’ai 63 ans, j’aimerais voir des modèles,
    plus de mon âge.

  10. Lise says:

    J’aime bien les agencements que vous êtes

  11. Carmen B Carrière says:

    Fantastique ,belle initiative ,j’adore.MERCI!

  12. Maxine Kelly says:

    Wonderful idea!! Please continue as it will inspire us all to get back into sewing and make some items specific to the season. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the warm weather.

  13. Ginette Bertrand says:

    Je suis d’accord. Nous montrer des vrais choses sur des vrais personnes ça inspire. Demandez à vos clientes des photos. Faites un concours pour les plus belles réalisations. Donnez des cadeaux Je suis certaine que les femmes aimeraient.

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