Wide-legged marine style black linen trousers
Marine wide-legged trousers
April 20, 2020
by Max Donos

Inspiration for a classic wide-legged trousers

The coming of springtime lifts the heavy burden of winter and fills us with the expectation of sunshine, warmth and relaxing time outdoors. Therefore, our sewing means lightweight materials, lighter colours and more relaxed silhouettes. Inspiration may come from a plethora of associations with the warmer time of the year. In my case, the idea for the ensemble came together organically, in the process of sewing. I started with the request from my spouse for wide-legged, marine-inspired trousers. We chose Vogue V9282 pattern and wonderful black Bahama Linen (AR812).

black linen wide-legged marine-inspired pants


Putting it all together

I was confident choosing the correct size by body measurements, since I found from my experience that Vogue patterns are very exact. The chosen model of a trouser had just a few pattern pieces, so cutting the pattern out, cutting the fabric and putting together these wide-legged trousers was a breeze. The only change I made was to replace the covered zipper with an invisible one. After I basted the waist facing it, we tried the pant to decide on the length. And at that time, I had to take the waist in just 2 cm.

Black Linen marine-inspired wide-legged pant frontblack linen wide-legged pant back

And what a joy was to sew with this wonderful linen blend. It is not stiff, but soft to the touch, irons well, wrinkles just a little. It is perfect for wide-legged trousers. In short, I could not be a happier sewer!

wide-legged trousers detail wide-legged trousers waist facing wide-legged trousers back with invisible zipper wide-legged trousers hem wide-legged trousers front button detail

Companions for trousers

However, these very stylish wide-legged trousers could not find a good companion in the wardrobe. So, I looked through my stash, found some printed satin and put together a blouse. It turned out that the blouse did not play well with the pant. Then we took it to the Internet. The prototype for the blouse in the pictures came from no one but Her Royal Highness the Duchesse of Cambridge. And IMO, it works beautifully.