Matching Linen Magic: A Sewing Adventure in Accra
May 23, 2024
by Max Donos

Turning a vacation need into a stylish dream, I created matching linen outfits for my adult sons! Forget the sweatshorts and clingy tees – vibrant hues and breathable fabrics became the inspiration for these comfy camp collar shirts and linen pants.

two young men standing with their backs to each other in the middle of the lawn wearing matching colourful camp shirts and tan linen pantsyoung men lying on the grass wearing colourful camp shirt and linen pants

Overcoming the Fear Factor:

This project wasn’t all sunshine and sewing machines. I battled anxieties about limited sewing experience, unfamiliar materials, and a double workload. But the pride of seeing my boys rock their outfits and the joy of completing the project washed those fears away.


Tailors at work at the Accra market

Fabric store at the Accra Market featuring wax prints

Fabric store at the Accra Market featuring wax prints

Upscale fabric store in Accra featuring premium wax prints

Upscale fabric store in Accra featuring premium wax prints

Fabric and clothes store in Accra featuring wax prints

Fabric and clothes store in Accra featuring wax prints

Accra Inspiration, Fabric Selection:

The vibrant colors of Ghanaian clothing and the intense heat sparked the idea for lightweight, breathable outfits. We opted for pure linen pants in a sandy hue Pure Linen – DELAVE – Sand (as an option try PURE LINEN – VERA – SAND) (perfect for Accra!) and a fun, multi-colored rayon PRINTED RAYON – AMANDA – 025 – MULTI for the camp collar shirts.

Finding the Perfect Pattern:

Two vintage Burda magazine patterns provided the foundation: one for pants (model 140, February 2002) and another for the shirts (model 128, June 2020). Bonus tip: McCall’s M6972 pattern offers a similar styles for both pants and shirt, with options for both adults and kids!

Sewing It Up

The construction of both garments was relatively straightforward. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Linen Pants: I used an overlock stitch for most seams and adjusted the elastic waistband length for a comfortable, but secure fit. Rounded pocket corners added a nice touch.
  • Camp Collar Shirts: The one-piece collar construction was new to me, but the instructions led to a clean finish. The facing cleverly hides the collar’s raw edges. Overcasting the seams saved time compared to traditional felling.

    Cutting out linen pants

    Linen pants pieces overcast, pressed, and ready for assembly

    Attaching the waist band

    Closing up the waist band of the linen pants

    Stitching parallel lines on the waist band to create channels for elastic

    Rounded corners of the patch pockets

    Camp collar shirt pieces cut and ready for assembly

    Attaching a custom label

    Collar pinned to the neck edge

    Collar and neck edge slashed at the shoulder seam to be enclosed

    Closing up the collar

    Collar attached to the neck edge and seems are enclosed.

Matching Dreams Come True

This project, initially fueled by a touch of fear, transformed into a source of pride and accomplishment. Seeing my sons confidently rocking their matching linen sets was the ultimate reward. The best part? The success has inspired me to create a similar set for myself – loose linen pants and a breezy camp collar shirt. It’s a testament to the fact that sewing dreams can become reality!

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to deviate from patterns when it comes to personalizing details like pocket corners or fit.