Vogue 9147 Green Mallowway Diamonds Dress
Vogue 9147: A Real Green Dress
April 4, 2016
by Melanie for Following The Thread

Sometimes the fabric decides the dress. I saw a quilting cotton at Fabricville.com, called Mallowway Green Diamonds.  It reminded me of the 30s for some reason… I couldn’t figure out why I kept thinking of Agatha Christie when I looked at it! Eventually I googled Agatha Christie to see if there was something I’d forgotten… well… her name was Lady Mallowan! Too funny how the subconscious mind knows things before you are actually aware of them.

I decided that Very Easy Vogue 9147 would be a great silhouette for the 30s impression I was getting from the fabric. I made View B, with the contrast collar — I knew I had to highlight the most important part of this design! I chose a black linen, and it was wonderful to work with. It’s a gorgeous, smooth linen with a really soft body to it. I love it!

Fabricville Green Dress (25)

But I did add the sleeves from View A, though I made them only elbow length. I prefer sleeves for myself, so it’s nice when a dress can be made either way. This easy dress is also lined, which gives a nice finish at the neckline. I ended up choosing a basic polyester lining, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to cut (it wasn’t sliding all around) and by the width – it is a 150 cm./60″ wide lining, which I am not accustomed to. It is silky to the touch, and also has a non-static finish.

Here’s my best 30’s sleuth impression:

Fabricville Green Dress (54)

The pattern is a Very Easy Vogue, and it is fairly easy. I think it’s notable that I did not shorten this pattern at all, not in the shoulder-to-bust area (which is a common change for me) nor in the length of the dress, although I am only 5’2, so if you are taller than me, be sure to measure this pattern carefully before cutting into your good fabric.

Fabricville Green Dress (44)

The pattern does have some gentle shaping, so it’s not just a loose sack on the body. The pockets are stitched on, then sewn into the side seams during construction. I was worried that this might broaden my broadest part, but since the contrast pocket is such a massive feature, I just went with it. I’m glad I did — I really like it.

Fabricville Green Dress (27)

The easy part comes from the fact that there are no closures to worry about here – or only one tiny one. The back has a keyhole opening at the neck, so you only need to sew on a hook & eye or a button & loop.

Fabricville Green Dress (9)

It’s a fun dress, and the crispness of this quilting cotton worked with the simple lines. With some of the scraps left over, I made a small Suffolk Puff, adding a button in the centre, to use as a pin or hat decoration. I quite liked it with my early 30s style cloche and shoes…what do you think?

Fabricville Green Dress (18)