A suede two piece for real life
16 octobre 2018
Barbara Emodi par Barbara Emodi

This fall I decided to get practical. I travel a lot with family all spread out and decided that I really needed something I could wear en route and still wear around when I arrive.

I also needed something transeasonal and something that would require zero ironing.

It’s one thing to live out of a suitcase and another to look like that’s what you do.

So I decided I needed some sort of jacket and skirt combo. I would have said suit but my family is on an all out campaign to delete my matchy matchy tendencies, so just let’s say I decided I needed a skirt I could wear with everything and a jacket that I could wear with jeans if I wanted and out to dinner if I needed to.

Oh and it had to be knit.

This double sided suede was just what I was looking for.


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  1. Avatar elizabeth straub dit :

    great info!

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